Between you and me a new door opened
and someone, still faceless, was waiting for us there.

marcela. elf from lothlórien. green tea addict. obsessed with too many things. my hobby is to annoy people ~

Today the stormy sea lifted us in a kiss so high that we trembled in a lightning flash and, tied, we went down to sink without untwining. Today our bodies became vast, they grew to the edge of the world

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a guide on how to make me love you
1. buy me food
2. tell me i’m funny
3. tell me i’m hot
4. it’s okay to lie
5. i’m still hungry

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There’s a light in all of us

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Magic is the fabric of this world and you were born of that magic.

You are magic itself.

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The brilliant cast of Disney’s Frozen who gave voice to their extremely lovable characters.

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Assemble by Blule

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